TeamSpeak 3 - Server

TeamSpeak 3 offers the ideal voice communication tool for online gaming, education and training, internal business communication, and staying in touch with friends and family.

How it works:
Rent a TeamSpeak from BungeeCloud. Share your TeamSpeak server address with anyone you want to speak with. They connect to your TeamSpeak server via the free desktop client using the server address you provided. Start talking.

Main Features:

Instant Setup

24/7 User Support

Low Network Latency

DDoS Protection

Free Teamspeak 3 Control Panel

TeamSpeak 3

Slots From
€0.15 p/m

Great features included with all plans

Instant Setup

We send out all orders instantly.

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

No downtime anymore. With our Teamspeak 3 solution that is no problem.

Full User Support

Ask anything you want, as many times you want. With a small or a big server. We will always find a solution with you!

HTML viewer

Teamspeak3 status in your homepage? No problem use the HTML viewer.

Low Ping

No matter where you live. Always a low ping.

Managed Server

Manage your service in a easy interface.

Teamspeak3 Control Panel

With this you can manage you Teamspeak 3 server. Start/Stop, save and load backups or intigrate your HTML viewer into your homepage.

Start/Stop your server

Permissions reset or reinstall

HTML viewer

Create snapshots

For each slot 0,15€

Teamspeak Slot Price Order
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